Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Spread Love with Beautiful New Year Cards

Within a few days, we all will celebrate New Year. We will say goodbye to 2015 and welcome 2016. People welcome the new year with great hopes and expectations so that the New Year can fulfill all of the pending wishes. Below, I am sharing some beautiful True Picture New Year Cards to wishes the near and dear ones a very happy new year and spread love with all. To get more True Pic New Year Card Click Here 

1) Beautiful New Year Card Wishing you a new year that makes your dreams true
Happines, Prosperity, dreams, New Year Card, Flower Card, HD Card
Wishing you a new year that makes your dreams true

2)  Beautiful New Year Card Another fresh New Year is here to love

Happy New Year, fresh, love, banish, worries, doubts, fears,
Another fresh New Year is here to love
3) Beautiful New Year Card May this New Year all your dreams turn into Reality
dreams, reality, efforts, Great Achievement, Happy New Year, New Year Card
May this New Year all your dreams turn into Reality

4) Beautiful New Year Card May this New Year, all your dreams blossom
New Year, dreams, blossom, New Year card, Happy NEw Year card, HD Card
May this New Year, all your dreams blossom

5) Beautiful New Year Card May the Each day of the New Year brings with it

New year, happiness, cheer, Happy New Year, Card, New Year card
May the each day of the New Year brings with it

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Can we find True love on the love/dating sites

With the time, the numbers of people who suffer from loneliness are increasing. In the fastest race of society, many people remain behind and they struggle to get many things in life and love is one of them. To fill this gap, we find many love and dating site which promise people that they can find their love online. However, what is the truth. Are these sites really so reliable or we should remain away from these sites.

The basic problem with these sites is that many people who use these sites are already struggling with love. These are the people who have either not found love so far or they have gone through a bad love experience or there are people who are hiding behind the comfort of internet. On these sites, people always remain at a risk because the chances of finding good individuals remain less.

However, these are good in terms of providing a platform and at least providing a start. Sometimes, few people become lucky in finding the right love partners through, these love/dating sites. However, simultaneously there are many other people, met some wrong guys and have a bad experience. It is very important to go with care while finding the true love online because you land in a great difficulty.

Today, we are becoming dependent on the internet for many things and love is also one of them. However, a risk always remains such actions.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

My First Love my Teacher

My First Love, Teacher
I still remember those days when I was in six standards. That was very tender age in all manners and as a child; I was not much grown emotionally at that stage. I was not very clear about love and sex. I had never experienced love for any girl before. All the girls in my class were same for me as boys. There was no restriction on sitting with them. We play with them and sometimes even touches them. However never any feeling of love or sex came in my mind.

Every thing was going smoothly, one day a beautiful English teacher came to our class. She was our new English teacher. This was her first teaching assignment after completing post-graduation. She had recently passed her masters in English. She was approximately 22-23 years old. Her height was average. She was a clear example of how a beautiful and adult woman should look like. Her every body part was in mature state of adulthood. This was my first experience of seeing a so beautiful woman. I could clearly see a huge difference between her and the girls of my class.

She started taking our class. I first time realized in my life some kind of attraction for a girl. A strange feeling started taking over me. Whenever I saw her then I wanted to see her even more. Dreams of her started coming in to my mind. I started attending her class and doing work given by her more seriously. I wanted to come in her favorites list. I felt bad when some male teacher talks to her. Day by day my madness for her started growing. I wanted to remain more and more with her.

I started dreaming of marrying her. These were my true feeling first time for some one and some kind of sexual attraction was also present in it. I had first time realized the difference between a man and woman. I wanted to touch her and sleep with her. I wanted that she should take over all of my responsibilities. She should make food for me, wash my cloths and remain with me for ever. These are unknown feelings which gripped me at that time. I never encountered such feelings before.

One day came when she gave us a test and told us that she would give a surprise gift to the topper. I didn't wanted to lose this opportunity; so, I worked very hard for the test and stood first in it. While announcing the numbers in test, she came near me and kissed on my face. For some minutes I was in sky. For me her kiss was like winning a big battle. With this my feeling for her became even stronger. Feeling of her lips touching my face were making me mad. I started dreaming to kiss her also.

One month before our exams news came that my favorite teacher is going to be married this week and she would now never attend school again. I felt like that some one had taken ground away from my feet. My dreams looked shattered in few seconds. I felt very bad about the guy who was going to marry my teacher. First time a desire to grow early and propose her arose in me. However with the passes of days everything starts coming to normal. Again I became a normal child. But definitely she was able to teach me the difference between a woman and girl.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Collection Beautiful birthday Cards for your love

Today, I am going to share with some of beautiful Birthday cards specially designed to express your love feelings. Through, these birthday cards you can wish a Happy Birthday while expressing your love. All these love birthday cards are based on the True Pictures in High Quality. A beautiful card with good pictures and a great message provides a great option to say happy birthday to your love. It is very important to express our love to our lover because in this way, we can strengthen our love. These love birthday cards provide a great option to do so. For more Happy Birthday Cards you can visit- http://birthday.arvindkatoch.com/

Rose, Picture Card, I love you, lifetime, how much
Rose Picture Birthday Card
Birthday Card, Rose Card, Card for lover,
My Heart is perfect because you are inside it
Nectar, Love, Happy Birthday, Birthday Card,
Thanks for allowing me to taste (Birthday Card)

Birthday Card, Happy Birthday, Happiness, love, garden, live, Card, Picture Card
To Live with You is Like

Happy Birthday, Card, Birthday Card, Rose petals, love,
Happy Birthday Card of Love (With True Red Rose Petals) 

Happy Birthday, Birthday Card, Sprinkled, drops, love, affection,

Heart, Kind, Beautiful, Person, Happy Birthday, Card, HD
Special Person with a Kind Heart

Monday, October 22, 2012

My Love for Popcorns

Popcorn does not need any introduction because it is very popular all around the world. Popcorn is one of the simple kinds of easy-to-make snacks which we can eat any time and that can be cooked in few seconds with the help of popcorn machines. Popcorn is mostly associated with watching movies at theatres because it is sold widely in theatres in all parts of world.

Every person who watches movies at theatres, knows the fun of eating popcorn while enjoying their movie. I have a great love for it, so I always buy popcorn whenever I am at the theatre; however, I totally miss out on the fun of eating lots of popcorn when I watch my movies at home. One of biggest disadvantages of watching movies at home is not having this treat.

To make good quality tasting popcorn, we need a popcorn machine. Earlier, we used to only the have bulky and expensive popcorn machines which were only suitable for theatres; so people didn't have them in their homes. Now thanks to the newer small popcorn machines for home, it is much easier for us to pop delicious and healthier popcorn at home within minutes.

The major advantage of a home popcorn machine is that you can get an unlimited supply of popcorn while watching movies at home. You can easily order these pop corn machines online and enjoy movies at home with tasty popcorn. The other option available for home movie watchers is delicious flavorings of gourmet popcorn. People can easily buy big packs of gourmet popcorn online.

You can discover many flavors of gourmet popcorn. Gourmet popcorn supplies are available in multiples of gallons; therefore, you can get a good supply of delicious popcorn for your home. In this way, you can easily make your home movie watching experience great. If you agree with my views then you can Tweet this post. I hope that you also enjoy popcorn like me! Thanks to so many options available with us, we can easily get tasty popcorn at home.

Love what you do or do what you love

One of great secret of finding love in your work is either loving what you do or do what you love. In both way, you can attain love in   your work and you can start enjoying your work. When love is present in love and you enjoy your work then it becomes a great pleasure. Mostly, people remain frustrated with their jobs because they do not like their job; however, still they continue to do same things again and again. In this way, they move away from love and pleasure. 

First option available with us is to start loving to do what we do. With some efforts, we can generate a bond of love between our job and us. When love appears then slowly we start enjoying our present work. Second option is to select a work which we like. This is very daring option and only few takes it because lots of risks present in it; however, they amount of love we get on this path is very huge. So you can decide in either way both ways, they can add dose of love to your life and work.

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